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Vegeta Facts


Up until his tail was cut off, Vegeta could turn into a gigantic monkey-like creature called an Ōzaru (大猿?, lit. “Great Ape”) by looking at a full moon, an ability common of all Saiyans with tails. Vegeta has the ability to create and enhance attacks with the use of chi. He also has the ability to use Bukū-jutsu (舞空術?, lit: “Air Dancing Technique”), which enables him to fly.[3] Constant training and his Saiyan heritage have given him vast superhuman strengthdurabilityspeed and reflexes.[3]

Vegeta is known to give names for his various energy attacks. In his early appearance, Vegeta is seen to use attacks similar to several of the protagonists of the series, such as aKi Disk Razor (気円斬 Kienzan?), a two fingered laser-like disk capable of cutting through solid objects, and a ki wave similar to Goku’s Kamehameha. One of his better known attacks is the Galick Gun (ギャリック砲 Gyarikku Hō?), although he uses it only once in the series proper; during his battle against Goku in an attempt to destroy the Earth.[3] He later develops the Big Bang Attack (ビッグ・バン・アタック Biggu Ban Atakku?) and the Final Flash (ファイナルフラッシュ Fainaru Furasshu?) techniques, which are much more powerful than his older energy attacks. Vegeta’s most commonly used tactics in the series is when he bombards an opponent with an array of small ki blasts. He is not known to have an official name for this attack, but it is usually called Rapid-Fire Energy Balls (連続エネルギー弾 Renzoku Enerugī Dan?). In Dragon Ball GT, Vegeta displays a powerful new attack, entitling it the Final Shine Attack (ファイナルシャインアタック Fainaru Shain Atakku?), where he uses his left hand to fire off a massive beam of green ki that widens with distance. Because of his immense strength and power, Vegeta, along with few other characters from the Dragon Ball franchise, can destroy entire planets with single attacks if he intends to.

Vegeta also possesses several transformations that greatly enhance his abilities to varying degrees. He gains the ability to transform into a Super Saiyan and, through training, can further transform into advanced states of Super Saiyan as the series continues.[4][5][6] Vegeta can also fuse with Goku and create a warrior who has the combined power and skills of both. One method is by using the Potara Earrings presented to Goku by the Old Kaiō-shin. This results in a ‘potara fusion’ creating Vegito (ベジット Bejitto?, “Vegerot” in Viz Media‘s manga translation). The other method, appearing only in the anime, is by performing the ‘Metamorese Fusion Dance’, which creates Gogeta (ゴジータ Gojīta?).


Few Little Facts about DBZ

.1. Did you know that Rou Kaioushin is fused with someone? No, I’m not talking about Kaioushin, he’s fused with Kibito, most people know that. But thousands of years ago, before he was sealed in the Z Sword, Rou Kaioushin looked very much like Kaioushin. Well, one day he was sitting under a tree reading a comic book, (manga), when an old witch snuck up from behind him and stole one of his earrings. These are the Potora earrings that automatically cause Fusion if both are put on the opposite ears of two different people. She put the earring on her left ear and Rou Kaioushin looked at her in horror as the two flew through the air towards each other and fused life. That’s why Rou Kaioushin looks so different from Kaioushin, and that’s also how he was able to do that spell to upgrade Gohan’s power since he’s part witch.

.2. Did you know that Tien participates in the fight against Super Buu? Super Buu was about to do an attack that would kill Gohan, but suddenly a blast came out of nowhere and deflected Buu’s attack. It was Tien’s Kikohou. Of course he gets knocked out later, and dies when the Earth explodes, but hey, at least he helped unlike two other Z Fighters, i know, Krillin and Yamcha. Even when they were alive, they hardly even tried to help out against Majin Buu.

.3. Did you know that planet Vegita wasn’t always planet Vegita? Before the Saiya-jin took over, it was called planet Plant!

.4. Did you know that Mr. Satan’s dog is named Bee?

.5. Did you know that Vegita never reached true Ultimate Super Saiya-jin during the Cell saga? The only people to reach that level were Trunks and Goku. Trunks states that his father was only lacking a little bit of power. Ultimate SSJ, is essentially SSJ2, but with not quite as much power, and it’s a very slow moving form.

.6. Did you know that Vegita actually admits that Goku is better at fighting than him? In the episode where Goku fights Little Buu as Super Saiya-jin 3, Vegita is off to the side watching and contemplaiting Goku’s actions and powers throughout the years. Finally he figures out that why Goku is so strong. He fights not just for his personal goal, but for the safety of others, as well as personal enjoyment. He doesn’t fight just to win, just to have a good time. He remembers all the times Goku surpassed him and finally his speech ends with, “Goku, you truly are Earth’s Number 1 fighter!”.

.7. Did you know that at one point Piccolo is stronger than Goku, Vegita, Trunks, and Gohan? When he fuses with Kami, he becomes the most powerful Z Warrior for a while.

.8. Did you know that Goku’s home address IS actually given in the series and manga? His address is 439 East District.

.9. Did you know that the Cell that everyone in the present fights, is actually from a third time-line we never see? The Cell that Gohan killed arrived here in the following steps. First he killed Trunks in his time, stole Trunk’s time machine, arrived in the present, precisely one year before Cyborg Freeza arrived, stayed in a larve state, and then hatched several years later. It sounds confusing, but it’s true.

.10. Did you know that in Future Trunks’ time, Androids 16,19 and 20 never existed? Also, Doctor Gero was killed by his creations, so Trunks never even saw him.

.11. Did you know that there’s a pretty funny episode near the end of Z where Bulma holds a party for everyone, even Dende is invited. Everyone has a good time, even Vegita, who after getting drooled on by Buu, actually smiles and gives him a sandwich. Everyone’s there except of course, yep, Goku. He’s off protecting some terrydactyl eggs. But eventually he shows up. At the very end of another late Z episode, there’s a cute bit where Goku is splashing around with Goten and Trunks in his water basin. Eventually it gets aggressive and Goku holds the kid’s heads under-water, but then they hop out and do fusion naked, becoming a nude Gotenks. Gotenks jumps in and tries to overcome Goku, but Goku turns into Super Saiya-jin 2 and the water basin explodes leaving a naked Goku happily staring down at his attacker. Bulma and Ch-chi rush forward to cover up their little…warriors.

.12. Did you know that the name of the temple that Krillin came from was the Orinji Temple. The word Orinji means, “Many Tree”, so Kuririn comes from the Many Tree Temple.

.13. Did you know that The Capsule Corporation and the Red Ribbon Army, were actually in competition with each other in the auto industry? RR’s percentage of world-wide sales was 16%, and the CC’s percentage of world-wide sales was 40%. However in the year, 778, the CC completely destroys them in the industry.

.14. Did you know that in the TV series only, there was an episode that dealt with Gohan getting tutored? The guy was a real mean SOB and actually whipped Gohan with a little whip. Chi chi started to get angry about that, but when the tutor bad-mouthed Goku, Chi chi went nuts and ran him out of the house.

.15. Did you know that Mr. Satan is indeed a very strong man? Probablly the strongest human minus any of the Z Soldiers and his daughter. Before the Cell Game, (in the TV series only), to show his strength to the world, he pulls 4 busses across a stadium.

.16. Did you know that there was a HUGE difference between Trunks the Story manga, and the Trunks TV Special? In the manga, Trunks was able to turn SuperSaiya-jin before Gohan died. But in the TV Special, Gohan’s death is what caused Trunks to transform into the Super Saiya-jin.

.17. Did you know that according to police records, Bulma’s ID number is SSC 41453 ?

.18. Did you know that there had been 187 fights from Dragon Ball to the end of Dragon Ball Z?

.19. Did you know that Future Trunks goes back to his time, and kills the Androids 17 and 18 in episode 194 of Dragon Ball Z, and ironically, when Trunks fought them, that was the 149th battle in the series.

.20. Did you know that Bulma changes her hairstyle, (not counting her first one), 15 times from DB to the end of DBZ?

.21. Nappa DID have hair! It was shown only once in the Bardock TV Special. Heres a picture!!! He looks Funny!!

Three Facts About Dragon ball Z

1. Goku only killed two villains in all of Dragon Ball Z


Almost every storyline in Dragon Ball boils down to waiting for Goku to get in the fight and beat up the big bad, but it’s easy to forget that the series’ main protagonist rarely murders his enemies. Goku let Frieza slice his own goofy ass in half (while Future Trunks finished off Frieza in his Cyborg form), and Cell hit his own self-destruct button. The fact remains that,throughout Dragon Ball Z, Goku only kills two people.

Both events occur during the Majin Buu arc. The first was Yakon, a low-level miniboss whose gimmick was devouring energy. All Goku had to do was overload him, like flexing to pop the bloody bowels of a pesky mosquito.


The real biggie here was the time that Goku demolished Kid Buu with a Spirit Bomb, marking the only time the Spirit Bomb was actually good for anything beyond stretching the episode count.

goku kills buu

It’s strange that Goku seems to have such an aversion to taking life, considering that he did it all the time as a kid. In the Z-less Dragon Ball, Goku took out scores of bad guys from the Red Ribbon Army without giving it a second thought. Alberto Cubatas on DeviantArt illustrates this beautifully in his series of visualized Dragon Ball killcounts. Here’s Goku:

goku kills
via Alberto Cubatas

It’s kind of sad that the most notable kill Goku has after Kid Buu and King Piccolo is his own grandfather, who he accidentally iced while in Great Ape form.

Compare that paltry collection to Vegeta’s massive tally

goku kills
via Alberto Cubatas

Dude took out almost the entire Ginyu Force, Nappa, Android 19 and a shitload of civilians, including an entire goddamn planet of lovestruck bug people. Though Goku was in the fight for much of Dragon Ball Z, his bloodlust was nothing compared to his Saiyan frenemy.

Then again, it could be worse.

yamcha kills
via Alberto Cubatas

You can call Goku dumb, a poor father or a terrible husband, but at least he’ll never be Yamcha.

2. The Dragon Balls are based on a really messed up myth

dragon balls

It’s well-known within anime circles that Dragon Ball is loosely based on the centuries-old tale Journey to the West, in which a monkey boy flies on a magic cloud while wielding a size-changing staff. But the titular spheres themselves are actually inspired by an old novel series. Nanso Satomi Hakkenden, roughly translated as The Eight Dog Chronicles, was written way back in the early 1800s.

In the original story, there are eight crystal balls, which were created when a Princess has sex with her father’s dog. Don’t worry, someone made an anime about it so you can see what that looks like.

dragon ball facts

After being “born” — again, from the unholy union of a woman and a dog — the crystal balls went into the sky and split off, and later became human children. The phrase “Dammit, Japan” has never been more applicable.

When asked why there are seven instead of eight Dragon Balls, creator Akira Toriyama explained that he didn’t want to have the same number as the famous story where a dog has sex with a human female who later gives birth to jewelry. Go figure.

3. You probably know more about Dragon Ball than the creator of Dragon Ball

toriyama forgot

There wouldn’t be a Dragon Ball without Akira Toriyama, and as such fans owe him a lot of respect. However, like many mega-popular franchises, there comes a point where the collective fandom is more knowledgable and enthusiastic than the singular creator. When Toriyama cranked out 500 chapters of the manga, it was technically his job; whereas fans are free to watch and rewatch the material over and over again, it might be a little more trying for the guy who spent his career with these characters and their story. You can forgive the guy for spacing the little details, but Toriyama’s forgetfulness goes beyond the pale.

For instance, there’s the fact that Toriyama forgot that there was a Super Saiyan 2 form. In his mind, it jumped straight from 1 to 3.

super saiyan 2 and 3

Seriously. He admitted as much in an interview:

V-Jump: Do you write down notes anywhere for that sort of background information?
Akira Toriyama: No, I don’t do that. That’s why I keep on forgetting things. If I don’t forget stuff, new ideas won’t come to mind. For example, you know how there’s “Super Saiyan 3??
VJ: Yes. Where the hair gets long.
AT: I didn’t know that. (laughs) The whole time, I thought that was “Super Saiyan 2?. (laughs)
VJ: Whaaa?!
AT: And I drew that myself. (laughs) Anyhow, I thought “2” was the one with long hair. It was like, “Man, I’ve really forgotten stuff…”.

It’s hard to believe that such a pivotal moment in the series could have possibly slipped by the dude who was responsible for bringing it to life. Toriyama says “I’ve really forgotten stuff…” as though he just realized he didn’t get milk at the grocery store . This is more along the lines of forgetting to pick up your child at a soccer game, and then going on with your life as though the kid never existed.

It’s gotten worse, probably because he’s been more or less off the job in the two decades since Dragon Ball Z ended. When it came time for him to draw up some promotional art for his comeback movie Battle of the Gods, Toriyama drew Android 18 with purple hair.

toriyama forgot

You might pass it off as a character choice — there’s nothing stopping Androids from dying their hair — but since 18 showed up in BotG as a blonde, we can probably assume a very awkward conversation occurred between Toriyama and the production team.

As unfortunate as that is, at least 18 doesn’t have it as bad as poor Launch.


Don’t remember Launch? That’s okay, Toriyama doesn’t remember Launch either. She was a major character in Dragon Ball prior to Raditz’s arrival, and she even had a cool hook; whenever she sneezed, Launch drastically changed personality (and hairstyle). When DBZ rolled around, Launch snuck into a few scenes, but eventually disappeared for over 150 episodes. On numerous occasions, Toriyama has responded to inquiries about Launch with “I forgot.”

Maybe we could learn something from Toriyama’s bold memory-based approach to storytelling. Maybe if we all forget hard enough, Dragon Ball GT will never have existed.